Our Process

You have a project underway and have no idea about the process of ordering sash windows then read on.

Our Process

This can start in one of the following ways –

1. You know exactly what you require, you have all the measurements and the exact specification and are aware of all the costs. In this case, just email an order to me and we can go from there.

2. You have a project underway and have no idea about the process of ordering sash windows. If you live relatively local to our workshop, i can visit you to discuss options and prepare a quote, carry out a full survey and if you like you could also arrange a visit to the workshop to get a feel for our windows.

3. You need assistance with the measuring and specification for your windows but you live or work a long distance from our workshop. This can be sorted out by emailing some photos and after a few phone calls or video calls we can normally get all the information required to place an order.

4. If your intention is to become a regular trade customer, then we would normally meet at my workshop where you can see for yourself the product that we make and the process that it undertakes. If required, I will normally assist with the surveying and specification until you are happy to do it for yourself.

In any of these cases, I can also email you some of my survey forms to assist with the measuring.


Place Your Order

Once an order is placed we will confirm a delivery date.

Most of my customers are regular trade customers with work booked in with their clients many weeks in advance, so I totally understand the utmost importance that our delivery dates are strictly adhered to.

If, for some unforeseen circumstance i think that there might be an issue with this, I would communicate this to you straight away so that the necessary arrangements can be made.

Please be assured that I do everything in my power to ensure that this happens and i am happy to say that most of the time it does.

Get in Touch

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