Sash Windows

Bespoke, fully finished and glazed traditional timber sashes and box frames. 

Our Sash Windows

What we do normally falls into one of the following categories –

Replacement Double Glazed Sashes.

These are made as replicas of the originals, we have tooling to produce either Ovollo, Lambs tongue or Hollow and Asterice internal moulding detail, each in 3 different sizes. The component sizes of the originals are replicated and if the existing sashes have horns, these are traced and reproduced. All of our frames are constructed using traditional mortice and tennon methods.

The thickness of the sash depends on the size of the existing frame, we can make double glazed sashes from only 32 mm thick. We can vary the depth of the internall detailing along with the thickness of the double glazed unit to suit most requirements.

We normally use double gazed units with a cavity of either 4, 6, 8 10 or 12 mm. The units have a warm edge spacer in either white or black. We always use toughened low iron glass, along with a low emissivity coating and either Argon or Krypton gas filled cavity. The double glazed units are externally puttied using a modern hybrid polymer glazing putty.

When making sashes with more than 1 pane of glass, we have a unique solution that ticks all of the following boxes.

Slim glazing bar – from only 16mm thick, Externally puttied finish, Structural integrity, Traditional through glazing bar effect, Individual pane effect.

When required, we can also use acoustic laminate glass as part of the double glazed unit, satin or patterned glass, stained glass effect and also actual new or original stained glass encapsulated in a double glazed unit.

We only use Accoya in all of our products, it is by far the best product available and anything else would be a compromise.

All of our joinery is finished using a spray applied, breathable, acrylic paint system from Teknos. It is a system that has been developed specifically for use on Accoya. We normally use their Clean White finish, but we can also use colours as required. The sashes are painted prior to the glass being installed and then the putty is overpainted by hand to give a traditional single glazing type finish.

Complete Replacement Box Sash Windows.


These include the double glazed sashes as previously described but they would normally be 44mm thick and the double glazed units would have a 12mm cavity.

These would be pre fitted into a traditionally constructed Accoya box frame, usually 140mm deep with either a flush or protruding sill, depending on the situation.

They come complete with pre installed bearing axle pullies, and cut to length staff and parting bead with pre inserted brush pile carrier.

The sashes are also grooved for a draughtproofing system.

Although it is always  preferable to use a traditional weights and pullies system , we can make frames to suit spiral balances if required.

Everything is pre finished as before with the Teknos paint system.

If required, pre finished architrave and internal window board can also be supplied.

Single Glazed Replicas For Listed Buildings.


In situations when double glazing is not permitted or required, we can also provide traditional single glazed sashes and / or frames.

We would normally use a deeper internal moulding detail to match the existing along with either a 3/8 or half inch internal shoulder.

These would be exact replicas of the original with single glazing puttied into a 6mm rebate.

Normally these would be finished in the same way although occasionally they have been specified to be supplied in a primer, ready to be hand finished on site to give a true authentic appearance.

Individual Replacement Sashes


When required, we are happy to make individual upper or lower sashes to match existing. Normally this would be where a refurbishment project is taking place but some components are beyond repair.

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